chapter 41-50 - Holes

Title: Holes
Autor: Louis Sachar, 1998
Other Details : 272 pages

Sam’s onion remedy
The history of Sam and his onion remedies explains events that occur in the present day. Stanley and Zero avoid being bitten by the deadly yellow-spotted lizards because they have been eating nothing but onions for more than a week. This fact makes the lizards, which appear to be a menace, into a help for Stanley and Hector, successfully keeping the Warden away from them until Stanley's lawyer arrives to help them.

Stanley's father invented his cure for foot odor the day after the great-great-grandson of Elya Yelnats carried the great-great-great-grandson of Madame Zeroni up the mountain. Camp Green Lake was closed and the Warden, Ms. Walker, was forced to sell her family's land. The camp will soon be a Girl Scout camp. The suitcase contained some jewels and many valuable deeds and stocks. Stanley and Hector each received almost a million dollars from these finds. Stanley buys his family a house and Hector hires a private investigator to find his mother.


Stanley and Hector watch a commercial in which Clyde Livingston advertises sploosh, Stanley's father's cure for foot odor. Clyde Livingston is at Stanley's house in person, watching the commercial as well. Hector sits with a woman who looks just like him. She sings him the same song that Madame Zeroni taught Elya Yelnats.

Fate is shown to be a powerful force.


It was very funny. The onion smell protected boys from many lizards.
Thanks Sam! And I am quite happy about the happy ending that Stanley and Zero could leave the Camp without any pain or losing. The story is about friendship and destiny. I enjoyed it:) How can I say....I feel I wanted to watch this film when I was 12 years old:D

Thank you for introducing this book to me, EunYeong.
I had really good time with you in this reading book club.

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Stanley and Zero are good boys. During their pure friendship keep going, Stanley crossed a fragment of Kissin’ Kate Barlow’s history. However, that’s only known by readers. “Mary Lou”, “Jar” with sweet liquid, and “onion”. In these chapters, book let me feel that friendship is great. One boy was nobody who nobody had interested in, but now Zero is somebody who is being rescued seriously without demanding a reward. The problem was not only Zero’s health but also deeply injured his hands. Stanley needed to go down the hill to get the shovel. The groundwater springs out, but it needed shovel to be dug much deeper. Please heal Zero with the clean water~

Pick up 2 expression
1. Mr. Sir had left the key in the ignition.
>>> in the ignition : the place in a vehicle where you start this system is ON.

2. Then he he’d have to make deal with the Warden.
>>> make a deal with: to solve a problem

Chapter 31-40 - Holes

Title: Holes
Autor: Louis Sachar, 1998
Other Details : 272 pages


Friendship between Stanley and Zero
Even though Stanley knows that Warden will punish him if she finds him, Stanley is brave enough to leave camp in order to try and help his friend. This willingness to suffer in order to help Zero shows that Stanley is not only brave, but also a good friend. He and Zero have successfully broken Warden's system of authority and they are willing to help each other. Although the Warden and Mr. Pendanski decide that no one will care about Zero, Stanley proves them wrong by trying to help Zero on his own. Stanley and Zero make sacrifices for the other which show that they honestly want to help each other and are not just helping each other in order to attain some benefit for themselves.

Kate & Sam - Stanley & Zero
The "sploosh" that Zero survives on is undoubtedly the spiced peaches that Katherine made during her days as a school teacher. The objects that remain from Sam and Kate Barlow, like the spiced peaches and the broken boat, help Zero and Stanley in their struggle to escape the persecution and cruelty of Camp Green Lake, which is similar to the persecution and cruelty that Kate and Sam faced one hundred and ten years ago from the citizens of Green Lake.

Elya Yelnats & Madame Zeroni - Stanley & Zero
When they reach God's thumb it becomes clear that this is Sam's old onion patch, a place where, according to Sam, water runs uphill. At this point the real parallels between Elya Yelnats and Madame Zeroni's story and Stanley and Zero's story become clear. Elya Yelnats promised to carry Madame Zeroni up a mountain to a stream where the water ran uphill and then sing her the song about the wolf and the woodpecker. Even though Elya fails to fulfille this promise, his descendent, Stanley Yelnats, carries Madame Zeroni's descendent up a hill to a place where the water runs uphill and then sings him that same song. By doing this, Stanley presents the true dedication and perseverance, qualities that Elya lacked when he broke his promise to Madame Zeroni.



Chapter 21-30 - Holes

Title: Holes
Autor: Louis Sachar, 1998
Other Details : 272 pages

The sunflower seed incident leads Stanley into the Warden’s cabin and he gets an important clue. He sees lipstick and is able to identify the gold tube he had found. Now he has more information about what Warden is looking for as she makes the boys dig holes.


The story of how Kate Barlow becomes an outlaw makes me feel sympathy for a woman who was initially presented as a dangerous criminal. Her infamy as an outlaw is a result of the cruelty that she and Sam faced from the racism of the law and the racism of Green Lake’s people.


Kate’s story gives definite proof that Warden is looking for Kate’s lost treasure under the ground. In addition, it seems very likely that Warden, with her red hair and freckles, is a descendent of Trout and Linda Walker who tried to torture Kate in order to get the information about where the buried treasure was. I guess Warden has got not only the physical characteristics of red hair and freckles from her ancestors, but also their cruel personalities.

Zero’s real name is Hector Zeroni and I guess it reveals new information about the relation between Zero and Madame Zeroni, the gypsy who put a curse on Stanley’s great-great-grandfather. However, neither Stanley nor Zero seems to know about the connection between their families.


God's thumb
Stanley realized that a mountain in the distance looks like a big thumb and it seems to be an evidence that Camp Green Lake is very close to the site where Kate Barlow robbed Stanley’s great-grandfather.
For now, I’m so into this novel. Especially, I love the author’s style which is to mixes the past and present in the story and shows the relation between them. Stanley is digging on the same ground where his great-grandfather and Kate Barlow stayed once, and also he is digging with the relative of his great-great-grandfather’s friend Madame Zeroni.
I guess this novel is perhaps talking about “fate”. ???


Warden found that Zero was helping to dig a hole for Stanley, instead of Stanley gives Zero reading lesson. Stanley tried to prove that Zero has so much potential and he is actually clever boy, but it was end up in failure. Then, she stopped them to do the lesson. Kissin’ Kate Barlow’s legend was also really sad story. A woman who was loved by everybody in the town became an famous outlaw who robbed and lived in Texas. The color of her red lipstick represents her deep hatred in this book. Black Sam and White Katherine couldn’t be together in 110 years ago….
I still don’t know what the warden are trying to find from this Green Lake. The loot which Kissin’ Kate Barlow robbed in 110 years ago?! Why Warden is so crazy for this legend? I feel wired…

Pick up 2 expression
1. He felt a jolt of astonishment.
>>> jolt=shock/ astonishment=amazement

2. A big smile spread across Zero’s face. 
>>>a big smile= with all smile

Chapter 11-20 - Holes

Title: Holes
Autor: Louis Sachar, 1998
Other Details : 272 pages


“Even you, Zero. You’re not completely worthless.” Zero stops smiling and stares angrily at Mr. Pendanski saying, “I like to dig holes.”
The two sides of Mr. Pendanski come through clearly. He can be a genuinely concerned advisor, yet he shows total disrespect and insensitivity to Zero.


The power structure of Camp Green Lake
Warden and X-Ray use the same approach to maintain authority.
X-ray is the group’s leader because he has a system of rewards for those who support him. Once Stanley has done X-ray a favor, X-ray rewards him by moving him ahead in the water line, making room for Stanley on the couch and coming to his defense when Squid teased about the letter of Stanley’s mother.
Warden also has a system to keep herself in control of the whole group. Like X-Ray’s system, she uses rewards to keep order. She rewards X- Ray when he claims to have found the gold tube and the other boys, who must continue working without a reward.


Big Puzzle
The gold tube that Stanley has found obviously interests the Warden and we can notice here that building characters cannot be the reason to dig holes. Then why does Warden make the boys dig holes under the hot Texas sun? Until now, this story looks like a mysterious puzzle to me because there are so many interesting elements such as the gold tube, the letters “KB” on it, Stanley’s great-great-grandfather’s story and Zero’s illiteracy. How are they relevant in this novel? This excites me a great deal.


Mr. Pendanski and boys discussed about the future. Mr. Pendenski told them that boys need to think what to do in future after the Camp. Mr. Pendanski looks quite normal good teacher from these chapter.
In D tent, X-Ray is a team leader by unspoken agreement. Therefore, Stanley’s attitude was trying not to be against X-Ray, and he didn’t talk much to other boys to avoid trouble. One day, Stanley found something special. It was a small golden tube which had initial “KB”. Although Stanley didn’t want to show it to X-Ray, but it was taken by others, and shown to Warden. From that day, Stanley knew that digging holes is for finding some object, and he knew that a warden is always watching and listening the boys’ daily life. The relationship in D team and Stanley’s position has been settled. Because of helping X-Ray, X-Ray was nice to Stanley. Zero seems to be a little bit retarded child, but there is no teasing in the team. And he requested Stanley to teach how to read and write.
This time, there was a special event in their lives. It was fun to read the story rather than the previous chapters. Especially, I’ve enjoyed reading how Stanley perform in the team. I had good impression. His performance is quite natural, and he is building his own position by himself even if there is some accidental event. That was interesting. I am not sure about the author’s main concept in the story, but “What to say” and “What Not to say” is important t with building the relationship in our life. This point may be one of the author’s messages?!
Unfortunately Mr. Sir got injured on his face by Warden. How dangerous woman she is!!! Why she is so crazy? What she is looking for?

Pick up 3 expression
1. “Give him some space,” said X-Ray.
>>> It sounds much kind words than “Leave him alone”.

2. One thing was certain:
>>>= One thing was clear. / I can tell you one thing for sure. / One thing is for sure.

3. He dug the hole into his memory.
>>> dig + obstruct things: dig for the truth. / dig deeply into oneself. / dig deep into the music

Chapter 1-10 - Holes

Title: Holes
Autor: Louis Sachar, 1998
Other Details : 272 pages


Camp Green Lake takes its name from a lake that dried up more than a hundred years ago and now it’s a boy’s juvenile detention center in Texas. The boys spend each day digging five feet holes in the dried up lakebed.

Stanley Yelnats believes that bad luck just seems to run in the family and it is because of a curse placed on his family after his great-great-grandfather, Elya Yelnats, stole a pig from a woman called Madame Zeroni. When Elya Yelnats was fifteen he was in love with an empty headed girl. Madame Zeroni gave Elya a piglet to raise so that he could win the girl’s hand by gifting her father with a fatted pig. In return, Elya promised to carry Madame Zeroni up a mountain to drink the water which runs uphill. When the girl chooses not to marry Elya, he is so distraught that he catches a boat to America, forgetting his promise to Madame Zeroni. The Yelnats family has had bad luck ever since. So, Stanley’s great-grandfather, the first Stanley Yelnats, lost his fortune to an outlaw called Kissin’ Kate Barlow. Stanley’s father is a luckless inventor whose experiments keep failing. And now Stanley IV has been wrongly convicted of a crime he didn’t commit: stealing a pair of athletic shoes.

Stanley is assigned to Group D, run by a counselor named Mr. Pendanski, otherwise known as Mom. Nearly everyone at Camp Green Lake has a nickname, and Stanley soon becomes Caveman. At first Stanley seems to adjust well to camp life. The work is exhausting and the shoveling gives him terrible blisters.

False impressions
People have some false impressions of Stanley. For example, the staff at Camp Green Lake does not believe Stanley is innocent. The boys of D tent do not believe he was arrested for stealing Clyde Livingston’s shoes. His teachers do not believe that Derrick, being smaller than Stanley, could bully Stanley. The judge did not believe the sneakers fell on Stanley’s head. Thus Stanley finds himself in his present situation feeling the brunt of the family curse.

Mr.Sir & Mom
Mr. Pendanski is a keen contrast to the stern Mr. Sir and seems to deserve his nickname, “mom.” They sound like big strict Father and warmly kind Mom of the camping site. However, we can guess some mean characteristics of Mr. Pendanski through his comment about Zero. Mr. Pendanski mentions Zero as “nothing inside his head.” It’s too cruel for counselor to refers a kid in that way.

* Holes Movie Trailer

* Holes (Movie)


Stanley is a boy who was sent to “Camp Green Lake” because he was convicted of stealing a pair of sneakers belonged to a famous baseball player Clyde Livingston. Nobody believed that Stanley got the sneakers fell from the sky. At the camp, Stanley live with about 10 roommates, and all facilities were almost broken. He needs to stay for 18 months in this camp, and now he’s experienced the hard day which he must complete a hole which has 5ft depth and 5ft diameter. This labor was extremely tiring work, and the second hole in the next day was much harder than the first one because of his physical exhaustion. In the story, “curse” is always mentioned. Including Stanley, his father and his ancestors seem to be unlucky with their lives. This book is like watching film, and gives me visual impression.So far, the story made me very sleepy, and I’m waiting some kind of development.My current simple question is why they have this kind of task. What is for? How they use? Is it just a mental training for boy? hmmmm, mysterious, but the title is called "HOLES", so the hole must have very important meaning for Stantely:O

Pick up 3 expression
1. To be a successful inventor you need three things: intelligence, perseverance, and just a little bit of luck.
>This phrase reminds me Thomas Edison's word;Genius is 1 % inspiration and 99 % perspiration.

2. I learn from failure.
>This phrase is quite common in the world. Bill Gates expressed in different way as below...
"It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure."

3. You’ll be buzzard food in three days.
>You will be eaten!!!No place to escape because it's desert~