Mr. Pendanski and boys discussed about the future. Mr. Pendenski told them that boys need to think what to do in future after the Camp. Mr. Pendanski looks quite normal good teacher from these chapter.
In D tent, X-Ray is a team leader by unspoken agreement. Therefore, Stanley’s attitude was trying not to be against X-Ray, and he didn’t talk much to other boys to avoid trouble. One day, Stanley found something special. It was a small golden tube which had initial “KB”. Although Stanley didn’t want to show it to X-Ray, but it was taken by others, and shown to Warden. From that day, Stanley knew that digging holes is for finding some object, and he knew that a warden is always watching and listening the boys’ daily life. The relationship in D team and Stanley’s position has been settled. Because of helping X-Ray, X-Ray was nice to Stanley. Zero seems to be a little bit retarded child, but there is no teasing in the team. And he requested Stanley to teach how to read and write.
This time, there was a special event in their lives. It was fun to read the story rather than the previous chapters. Especially, I’ve enjoyed reading how Stanley perform in the team. I had good impression. His performance is quite natural, and he is building his own position by himself even if there is some accidental event. That was interesting. I am not sure about the author’s main concept in the story, but “What to say” and “What Not to say” is important t with building the relationship in our life. This point may be one of the author’s messages?!
Unfortunately Mr. Sir got injured on his face by Warden. How dangerous woman she is!!! Why she is so crazy? What she is looking for?

Pick up 3 expression
1. “Give him some space,” said X-Ray.
>>> It sounds much kind words than “Leave him alone”.

2. One thing was certain:
>>>= One thing was clear. / I can tell you one thing for sure. / One thing is for sure.

3. He dug the hole into his memory.
>>> dig + obstruct things: dig for the truth. / dig deeply into oneself. / dig deep into the music