Chapter 11-20 - Holes

Title: Holes
Autor: Louis Sachar, 1998
Other Details : 272 pages


“Even you, Zero. You’re not completely worthless.” Zero stops smiling and stares angrily at Mr. Pendanski saying, “I like to dig holes.”
The two sides of Mr. Pendanski come through clearly. He can be a genuinely concerned advisor, yet he shows total disrespect and insensitivity to Zero.


The power structure of Camp Green Lake
Warden and X-Ray use the same approach to maintain authority.
X-ray is the group’s leader because he has a system of rewards for those who support him. Once Stanley has done X-ray a favor, X-ray rewards him by moving him ahead in the water line, making room for Stanley on the couch and coming to his defense when Squid teased about the letter of Stanley’s mother.
Warden also has a system to keep herself in control of the whole group. Like X-Ray’s system, she uses rewards to keep order. She rewards X- Ray when he claims to have found the gold tube and the other boys, who must continue working without a reward.


Big Puzzle
The gold tube that Stanley has found obviously interests the Warden and we can notice here that building characters cannot be the reason to dig holes. Then why does Warden make the boys dig holes under the hot Texas sun? Until now, this story looks like a mysterious puzzle to me because there are so many interesting elements such as the gold tube, the letters “KB” on it, Stanley’s great-great-grandfather’s story and Zero’s illiteracy. How are they relevant in this novel? This excites me a great deal.
Meaning of each elements
I feel the same. There are many elements looks building up the novel, but not all of them seem to be directly connecting to the goal. In the middle, I felt tired to chase......ahhahah Probably when I watched the film, I may know it is a part of making the atmosphere?! I am not sure though.....

About Mr. Pendanski, he doesn't have talent to watch kids, and this kind of adults must not educate kids~!! It makes boys goes to wrong way that the boy can't believe he has his own potential. However, Pendanski is not completely bad man, but his personality is not respectable.