Warden found that Zero was helping to dig a hole for Stanley, instead of Stanley gives Zero reading lesson. Stanley tried to prove that Zero has so much potential and he is actually clever boy, but it was end up in failure. Then, she stopped them to do the lesson. Kissin’ Kate Barlow’s legend was also really sad story. A woman who was loved by everybody in the town became an famous outlaw who robbed and lived in Texas. The color of her red lipstick represents her deep hatred in this book. Black Sam and White Katherine couldn’t be together in 110 years ago….
I still don’t know what the warden are trying to find from this Green Lake. The loot which Kissin’ Kate Barlow robbed in 110 years ago?! Why Warden is so crazy for this legend? I feel wired…

Pick up 2 expression
1. He felt a jolt of astonishment.
>>> jolt=shock/ astonishment=amazement

2. A big smile spread across Zero’s face. 
>>>a big smile= with all smile
yeah.. it's strange enough.
maybe it's her family mission which her ancestors haven't accomplished yet.