Chapter 31-40 - Holes

Title: Holes
Autor: Louis Sachar, 1998
Other Details : 272 pages


Friendship between Stanley and Zero
Even though Stanley knows that Warden will punish him if she finds him, Stanley is brave enough to leave camp in order to try and help his friend. This willingness to suffer in order to help Zero shows that Stanley is not only brave, but also a good friend. He and Zero have successfully broken Warden's system of authority and they are willing to help each other. Although the Warden and Mr. Pendanski decide that no one will care about Zero, Stanley proves them wrong by trying to help Zero on his own. Stanley and Zero make sacrifices for the other which show that they honestly want to help each other and are not just helping each other in order to attain some benefit for themselves.

Kate & Sam - Stanley & Zero
The "sploosh" that Zero survives on is undoubtedly the spiced peaches that Katherine made during her days as a school teacher. The objects that remain from Sam and Kate Barlow, like the spiced peaches and the broken boat, help Zero and Stanley in their struggle to escape the persecution and cruelty of Camp Green Lake, which is similar to the persecution and cruelty that Kate and Sam faced one hundred and ten years ago from the citizens of Green Lake.

Elya Yelnats & Madame Zeroni - Stanley & Zero
When they reach God's thumb it becomes clear that this is Sam's old onion patch, a place where, according to Sam, water runs uphill. At this point the real parallels between Elya Yelnats and Madame Zeroni's story and Stanley and Zero's story become clear. Elya Yelnats promised to carry Madame Zeroni up a mountain to a stream where the water ran uphill and then sing her the song about the wolf and the woodpecker. Even though Elya fails to fulfille this promise, his descendent, Stanley Yelnats, carries Madame Zeroni's descendent up a hill to a place where the water runs uphill and then sings him that same song. By doing this, Stanley presents the true dedication and perseverance, qualities that Elya lacked when he broke his promise to Madame Zeroni.


I can't wait to watch the film after I finished reading:)
I want to experience this kind of friendship through the film~
In my mind, Zero was much bigger than Stanley.
And the mountain is much steep. hehehe

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