Stanley and Zero are good boys. During their pure friendship keep going, Stanley crossed a fragment of Kissin’ Kate Barlow’s history. However, that’s only known by readers. “Mary Lou”, “Jar” with sweet liquid, and “onion”. In these chapters, book let me feel that friendship is great. One boy was nobody who nobody had interested in, but now Zero is somebody who is being rescued seriously without demanding a reward. The problem was not only Zero’s health but also deeply injured his hands. Stanley needed to go down the hill to get the shovel. The groundwater springs out, but it needed shovel to be dug much deeper. Please heal Zero with the clean water~

Pick up 2 expression
1. Mr. Sir had left the key in the ignition.
>>> in the ignition : the place in a vehicle where you start this system is ON.

2. Then he he’d have to make deal with the Warden.
>>> make a deal with: to solve a problem