It was very funny. The onion smell protected boys from many lizards.
Thanks Sam! And I am quite happy about the happy ending that Stanley and Zero could leave the Camp without any pain or losing. The story is about friendship and destiny. I enjoyed it:) How can I say....I feel I wanted to watch this film when I was 12 years old:D

Thank you for introducing this book to me, EunYeong.
I had really good time with you in this reading book club.

In future, I may post some comments about book by myself.
When you found any interesting book, could you please post any comment on here?

Summer is coming~ Let's enjoy Beijing Summer:D

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed this book~*
hope your reading life goes well.

If you wanna write more, it would be better to do in your own site.
let me know yours. I would like to visit someday.